It’s renovation time!

After more than a year, the first renovation is ahead of us. When we moved in, I wanted to have everything in white – to create a bright space: white walls, white kitchen and white furniture with gold elements. White & Gold, those are the main colors of my apartment with the wood acting as a connection.  Nevertheless I really like intense colors or accessories which have a soul and therefore it’s time for changes!

The first change is already done. We changed our kitchen island lamp. The one which we had was really nice from the design perspective, but unfortunately didn’t give enough light. Therefore we decided to buy a new one. You can find it on the 2nd picture.

It’s also worth to mention, that for the lamp with open LED bulbs, you need a really low wattage – the one which we used are 25 Watt.  It’s bright enough but also cozy.

The next step will be painting our living room – I decided to go for grey as a leading color – the exact tone is not decided yet. We will buy Flügger Farby. Below the picture of our living room, you can see the visualisation of the walls. Also we will install a decorative moulding, exactly like on the visualisation.

Next thing is wallpaper – we decided on a design from ONWALL called Indian Diamond. This wallpaper comes on main wall behind the sofa and on the one of the wall in the corridor.

Copyright ONWALL, Source:

Next change will be a new island countertop – I want to change the wood one to a marble one. I am thinking about Tubądzin Monolith collection. I will keep you posted about our decision if we decided on it or the regular marble top.


The last change would be a carpet – I just ordered a famous Jane carpet from Westwing collection in bright grey, which I think will be a best fit for all this dark colors and the gold coffee table.  The current carpet was the one which we had in the old apartment and I want to have one with a bit more smooth structure.

Jane Westwing Carpet – the picture after the change coming soon!
Viskoseteppich Jane, HellgrauCopywright: 

Right now I posted a pictures from the current situation, and hope very soon you will see all changes!


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