Grand Hotel Oslo

When it comes to travelling and hotels – I was always drawn to beautiful hotels with amazing history and soul. I visited over 50 countries in my life, and staying in a hotel with stunning interiors became an essential part of my traveling style – no matter basic or splurge, “I am always on the lookout for unique design pieces.

My last visit in a hotel, where I can easily say: I will remember that visit for a long time is the Grand Hotel in Oslo.  From the very moment I stepped into the lobby, I was hit by an amazing mix of modernity and classical elements. Already at the reception desk you can realise how “instagrammable” place that is. However, to be fair, I was always a bit frustrated to compare even the most shiny and colorful photos to reality – photos obviously do not engage the senses and cannot truly convey the atmosphere. The gold elements combined with white marble and cleverly positioned lights give you a feeling, that you indeed are in a five star hotel and you won’t be disappointed about your experience.

Astonishing place in the hotel is also the Palmen restaurant. The Concept behind it, is to give you a feeling that you are inside a palm house but in the same time surrounded with a beautiful furniture and decor. To compliment that the menu serves a combination of classics, but strongly inspired by nordic ingredients. That fits the overall vibe very well, not to mention the service is really friendly!

When it comes to rooms – I have always felt very good feeling in hotels which were designed with history as an inspiration, but take a modern approach to it. In so many places you just see chandeliers slapped on the canvas of semi-modernity and cheesy art pieces. Here it is definitely not the case. First things I felt when I entered my room, were coziness and elegancy, which for me constitute what hotel rooms should give you. Immediately after, my inner laziness always makes me focus my attention to beds. It should obviously be super comfy but in the small and medium size rooms like this one, it is essential for setting the mood and overall look&feel. I have a thing for the contrast between classical white bed linen and stronger decor accents of the room, so, well, they got me here!

`Combining visiting beautiful hotels and travelling is my true passion. Since couple of years I collect this memories traveling round Europe and the world. My next visit will be in the very first six star Hotel in Poland – newly opened Raffle Europejski Hotel in Warsaw #staytuned.

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