When interior design starts with a cat

Most of the fabric-covered furniture I have is grey, and it’s grey for a reason… well yes, the cat is indeed grey, too! He was with us 2 years prior to first sketches of the interiors of my future apartment and the conciosu decision was made – let’s use the 2 dominant cat colors, the grey of his fur and gold of his eyes.


The dominant colors of Scandinavian design and my repeated romance with decoupage elements and deco tied so nicely with this concept. That way Meatpie, the cat indeed took a leading role, serving unknowingly as a Director of Inspiration and Chief Color Harmony Officer.


Meatpie is a proud British Shorthair and despite his noble British heritage, he somehow compliments my Scandinavian Design obsessions perfectly (although he won’t admit it openly, he was actually born in much more humble western part of Poland). If you think about it, British Shorthair cats are quintessentially Scandinavian in the way the look and behave – plain, bright but muted, toned down color with two bright golden eyes. On top of that rather sophisticated, cautious personality mixed with behaviour of a loner. While writing this last sentence I realised, it also describes my husband pretty well. I guess I have two specimens at home!

A silly thought that crossed my mind just when we finished decorating our apartment: the Scandinavian focus on natural elements makes it ever so appropriate to make sure the cat will look good on every piece or furniture we have. It also makes for some great pictures.


Grey is a sophisticated, “classical” color that does not have the negative connotations of black. Although it is associated with sadness, paired with white and warm palette of brown brings a feeling of tranquility. To compliment that, abundance of light gives a feeling of freshness, both much needed when returning home after a stressful day. I always believed grey is a great backdrop for smaller decorative color accents – especially gold elements, so important for the Scandinavian style. There is a somewhat silly way I see my cat: he is a mobile version of this color mix, that follows you around and decorates all the furniture around the apartment.


I have decided for an open kitchen, creating a common area in the middle of the apartment, which, following the Scandinavian Design Elements, connected with white walls creates a pure, well-lit, “breathable” space. There are also two nice perks coming with it – the cleaning the place is pretty easy and I get to enjoy seeing the greatest Roomba Raider.


One of the great advantages of having grey as dominant color of the interiors connected with the grey fur of Meatpie is somewhat self-cheating feeling that his cat hair is not all over the place. We had a black, soft fabric-covered couch before – it needed cleaning daily not to look like disaster. Not to mention the wholesale amounts of lint roller.

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